Extracurricular Activities

Students who participate in extracurricular activities reap the benefit of the total Wildwood Catholic educational experience. Student organizations are important segments of high school and provide avenues for cultural and spiritual growth. Participation in athletics, school publications, clubs and activities is a great way to make friends who share the same interests. There are many opportunities to develop character through performing acts of social service. Participation is a great way to develop individual talents and come to a greater sense of belonging to our school.

Upper Division Extracurricular Activities

Chess Club
The chess club is formed for the students to learn and play the game of chess. They compete against their peers during the club meetings. School chess clubs provide many benefits to students and schools. Students playing chess can improve academic skills such as concentration, reasoning, creativity, and problem solving.
Mock Trial
Wildwood Catholic Academy participates in New Jersey’s annual High School Mock Trial Competition. By participating in Mock Trial our students gain insight about the United States justice system by studying deliberating on a real-life case in an actual county court room.
The statement of goals for this incredible experiential club are listed below:
  • To increase comprehension of the historical, ethical and philosophical basis of the American system of justice.
  • To demystify the operation of the law, court procedures and the legal system.
  • To help students increase basic life and leadership skills such as listening, speaking, writing, reading and analyzing.
  • To heighten appreciation for academic studies and promote positive scholastic achievements.
  • To bring law to life for students through active preparation for and participation in the competitions. The goal is not to win for the sake of winning, but to learn and understand the meaning of good citizenship in a democracy vis-a-vis our system of law and justice. In this sense, all the students who participate will be winners
Competitions for Mock Trial are held in January of each Year and sign-ups begin in September.
More information about New Jersey’s Mock Trial can be found in the link below:
Academic Challenge Team
The Academic Challenge Team. participates in high-paced and intellectually challenging Quiz Bowl competitions against other high schools throughout the year. The competition topics vary across all academic areas to include students of all interests. Academic teaming allows students to become comfortable asking for help and helping others. Academic teams are designed to empower students to take ownership of their own and their peers' learning through a student accountability system and structures for peer support.

Forensic Speaking
Forensics is a competitive public speech team for speech and drama activities. Forensics students choose from a variety of speech and drama events to prepare and take to competitions at area schools. Events include persuasive and informative speaking, individual and duet acting, storytelling, and debate activities. Forensics is both a class and a team, and students who enroll are joining a tradition of excellence. Participating in forensics won't just make you a better speaker, it will make you a better thinker, reader, writer, performer, and person.

Chorale is an advanced mixed ensemble and performs repertoire spanning historical genres and styles. The group is highly visible in the community and in addition to singing at the school masses, this ensemble maintains an active performance schedule during the holidays and additional concert and festival performances at Wildwood Catholic Academy school events.
Community Service Club
Wildwood Catholic Academy’s community service club is where student members meet regularly to perform charitable works either by direct hands-on efforts or by raising money for other organizations.The service club is defined firstly by its service mission and secondly its membership benefits, such as social occasions, networking, and personal growth opportunities that encourage student involvement within the community.
Sacristan’s Club
A collective of students, teachers, and staff who have an interest in participating in the leadership, service, and administration of the liturgy and spirituality of our Catholic school. Considered a team, it is an effective way to cultivate and organize the religious and faith areas which benefit both the individuals on the Team and the School at large.

Some specific duties, responsibilities, and tasks for the Team.
  • Liturgy and Spirituality Awareness and Service for the Team, the School, and Community.
  • Liturgical prep. and participation.
  • Retreat preparation and participation.
  • Administration and Leadership for both Team and School needs and services.
  • Create Team meeting minutes for the Team itself to revise and discuss.
  • Recruitment of members.
  • Publicity and Advertisement of the Team's services through Social Media Accounts.
  • Cleanliness of liturgical rooms, areas, and things.
Organization and Administration:
  • The organization is considered a Team.
  • Mostly service-oriented, rather than for itself.
  • Both a club and committee in nature to serve others.
  • The students are taken from high school grades. 8th grade if possible.
  • The teachers and staff taken from both schools from whomever is interested.
  • The Team can meet before or after school to come together for itself and to discuss and organize any issues and services. For the most part, will meet during lunchtime in Doherty Room or other appropriate place.
Drama Club
The Drama Club is designed for students interested in learning more about the aspects of theater. This includes learning stage terminology, working on acting skills, set building, and costumes/makeup design. The Drama Club is dedicated to bringing the joy and power of drama to students by providing high quality dramatic programming at the beginner and intermediate levels. It pledges to offer participants the chance to experience the excitement and rewards of theatre arts while developing poise, social skills, confidence and the ability to work with others. Wildwood Catholic Academy Upper Division holds two annual shows/musicals.
National Honor Society
The National Honor Society of Wildwood Catholic Academy has as its purposes the creation of enthusiasm for scholarship, the stimulation of a desire to render service, the promotion of leadership, the development of character in the students of the high school. The National Honor Society is a nationwide organization inaugurated and approved in 1921 to promote these ideas in the secondary school system of our country.

Students may not apply for membership but rather are academically eligible based on a 4.0 GPA. Qualified junior and seniors are recommended by faculty coaches, or employers on qualities of character, service and leadership.
Service to NHS is required over and above the required Community Outreach hours.
Student Council
The Student Council is the central student organization of the school. It consists of an executive board of President, Administrator of the Executive Board, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations, New Student Liaison and, class officers of President and Homeroom Representatives. The moderator of the Student Council is appointed by the Principal.
The object of the Student Council is to bring about a close communication among students, faculty, and administration by utilizing the leadership available so that the true spirit of Wildwood Catholic Academy will permeate all individuals.
The executive board of the Student Council will meet with the Principal weekly to discuss ideas and concerns.

Lower Division Extracurricular Activities

  • Theater club
    Grades 4-8
    Meets 2-3 days a week February-May

  • Stage Crew
    Grade 8
    Meets 2-3 days a week April-May

  • Choir
    Grades 4-8
    Meets once a week September-May

  • Family Stem Night
    Grades PreK-8
    Meets in the evening Quarterly

  • STEM Club
    Grades K-4
    Meets once a month September-May

  • Lego Club
    Grades 2-5
    Meets once a week March-May

  • Critical Thinking/Puzzles Club
    Grades 5-8
    Meets twice a month September- May

  • Marble Club
    Grades K-4
    Meets once a week October-November
  • Garden Club
  • Newspaper
  • Chess
  • Student Council
  • School Store